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  • Screen Replacement

    Cracked Phone screen replacement near you.

  • Battery Replacement

    Phone not holding a charge like it used to?

  • Water Damage

    If your Phone fell in the water, get it to us!

  • Power Button

    Stuck Phone button repair is one of our specialties!

iPad Repair, Android, & iPhone Repairs

Are you're looking for the best place to have your Phone or Tablet repaired?  Then you’ve come to the right place!  We can help you find fast, same day Tablet & iPhone repairs.  These professional technicians can have your Tablet or Phone repaired and looking like new faster than you might expect.

From Cracked or Broken Glass, to iPhone Battery Replacement, to Water Damage Repairs; they can help.

iPhone Screen Repairs

Having a broken screen on your Phone can not only be ugly, but can actually start to cut your hands! Many of our technicians offer same day iPhone screen replacement, while you wait. Lets face it, no body likes looking at a broken Phone screen, let us change yours today!

Phone Battery Replacement

Batteries in Phones, just like any other device, can go out. They can have your Phone battery replaced for you within minutes. So if your iPhone battery seems to be draining and is no longer holding a charge, stop by these iPhone repair stores today.

Phone Water Damage

Your Phone got wet?! Oh no! Hurry to a phone repair store, now! With water damaged Phones, time is not on your side. If you have a water damaged Phone, bring it in immediately and let them try and help remedy the problem,  before it’s too late.

Most Phone Models Repaired

They can usually repair & service all models of iPhones & iPads, including: iPhone 2G repair, iPhone 3G repair, iPhone 3GS repair, iPhone 4 repair, iPhone 4S repair, iPhone 5 repair, iPhone 5c repair, iPhone 5S repair, iPad 1 repair, iPad 2 repair, iPad 3g repair, iPad 3 repair, iPad 4g repair, iPad 4 repair, iPad Air repair, iPad Mini repair.

Also, most of the stores will offer Android Repairs for models of Samsung, such as: Samsung Galaxy phone repairs; Galaxy S3 repair, Galaxy S4 repair, Galaxy Note 1 repair, Galaxy Note 2 repair, Galaxy Note 3 repair, Galaxy S5 repair.